Judy Clark, Brenda Kocian and Rebecca Gammage, are the Volunteers.
We have dedicated our lives to make sure the City of Jacinto City, Texas never kills another dog!
For the last 5 years No Lives have been lost for lack of Kennel Space.
From the time Animal Control places a dog in the Pound we take care of it.  We begin by assessing each for medical need, age, temperament…
Each dog is bathed, given flea medication, dewormed and vaccinated against Parvovirus and Distemper.
Then we look for reputable rescues to accept our dogs for transport out of Texas.
Most rescues require that we alter the dogs and test them for heart worm.  So we do.
Very few dogs picked up by Animal Control are ever claimed… making our efforts to Save Lives an endless labor of Love.

Jacinto City Dog Pound Volunteers

Phone:  (281) 967-8074

   Facebook Messenger:  m.me/2037973823127251